Behavior & Expectations

General Rules:

1. Students are expected to adhere to the general rules of school behavior as they apply to the atmosphere of a School Library Media Center.

2. Students will engage in "accountable talk" while visiting the media center, keeping in mind that we are in a learning environment.

3. Computers will be used for collaborating, searching the library catalog, conducting research, word processing and other academic pursuits. Keep in mind that the computers will be used as tools not as toys.

4. Feel free to arrange the furniture so that it suits your academic needs, but please put it back the way you found it when you are finished.

Out of consideration for others who may be trying to read and/or learn in the library, you are not allowed to talk on your cell phone in the library. Besides, no one wants to listen to a one sided conversation!

Please stay in your work area until the bell rings. We don't want students off task, distracting others and standing around in the doorway blocking others from entering/exiting the library.

Please be conservative when printing! Ink and paper are consumables that should not be taken for granted.

Are you having technical issues? Please keep the librarian informed of any/all equipment issues.

Enjoy your food and drink AWAY from the computers and other library materials.

Computers will be used as tools NOT toys. We are here to learn and we will maintain a learning environment.

You must sign in and out of the library any time you enter without a class/teacher. It is in your best interest to do so, since it proves that you were actually here!