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Two floors means twice the impact !

Third Floor Schedule for lower level of library. 

Circulation of books, book speed dating, research area, research process & research skills. Whatever you need we are here to help!

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4th floor Library Space

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*Please be mindful of noise when passing through the 4th floor of the library. The space outside the community room where we offer yoga and meditation is a quiet area for independent study & AVA students. Groups should not be gathering on the 4th floor as it is disruptive to our programs. Please use the 3rd floor of the library when working in groups.

Attleboro High School Library

is offering Workshops!

Workshop Menu 

All: Yoga with Sound Meditation Experience - 40 minutes or 85 minutes

Jump into an experience of self connection and relaxation! Students (and teacher) will be led into a beginner friendly yoga practice ; a slow paced vinyasa flow with emphasis on safe alignment and body - mind connection. The physical practice will be followed by a 15 minute guided meditation with crystal sound bowls.

Grades 10, 11, 12 : Introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation, Intentions and Sound - 85 minutes

What is mindfulness? What is meditation? How can intentions and sound help reprogram certain thoughts and feelings in your mind and body. These questions and more will be answered and explained in detail while providing students with the opportunity to try out these self-care modalities.

All: A Growth Mindset Perspective / Famous Failures - 85 minutes

We know there are always two ways to look at something, and the outcome heavily depends on how you choose to look at something … we have developed a thought provoking lesson that ties on perspective taking, growth mindset and the reality of failure, with the hopes of leaving your students feel re inspired to take on whatever comes their way! 

Freshmen : Health [ Intro to Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation ] - 85 minutes

A little sample of breathwork, yoga, meditation and sound to peak curiosity and solidify interest. What can yoga do for you? How can it help not only your body, but your mind too? Students will be briefed on the effects of breathwork, the history of yoga and the fundamentals of meditation where they will have an opportunity to experience all three in an express yoga class.


Sustained Focus - 40 Minutes

With incoming calls, text messages, comments, and likes … the impact of interruptions on individual productivity can be catastrophic. In this lesson we talk about just how frequently we are interrupted, how interruptions impact our focus and attention, and most importantly how we can work on this important aspect of our lives! Students will be led in a short yoga sequence followed by a meditation with the hopes to boost their sustained focus!

Identity - 85 Minutes

Students will explore what positive qualities they possess and will have the opportunity to reflect on these in a circle talk format. Ego vs. Inner Wisdom will be explored helping students to reflect further on who they really are.

Purpose - 85 Minutes

Students will be led to self-examine their strengths, their interests, and their why through an introspective lens. We will use circle talk, visualisation, and open ended questions to get us a step or two closer into thinking about ... your purpose. 

Yoga Philosophy - up to four - 85 minute sessions

Students will learn about the history and philosophy of yoga; includes ethics & principles, physical practice, breathwork and meditation.

Yoga Anatomy - 85 minutes

Includes a review of joint movement vocabulary followed by a physical practice connecting vocabulary to movements and postures. What a fun way to learn Anatomy!

Circle Talks on various topics -  Approximately 20 - 30 minutes, but length of time may vary

Circle Talks are based on the Circle Forward Training for Building a Restorative School Community.